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Hello, I am Darlene Shipp. I was elected as Chariton County Collector-Treasurer in 2012. It is my goal as an elected official to always have the interest of the citizens of Chariton County as a top priority. I strive to maintain an efficient & friendly office. No one wants to pay taxes, but is something that has to be done. I will always strive to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Thank you for trusting me with this position!

Our Services

Merchant's License

If you own a business in Chariton County, charge sales tax and sell a product, you need to purchase a Merchant's License. An application form can be sent to you by mail, fax or email. You can also come in our office and request an application. It needs to be filled out and returned to our office with the $25.00 fee. We then send/give your license to you. We will check the Missouri Sales Tax portal before we issue the license. Make sure you already have your Missouri Sales Tax Number and put it on the application.


Real Estate Tax - Land you own. If you own land you owe Real Estate Property Tax each year.
Personal Property Tax - Vehicles, ATVs, Campers, Farm Equip etc. If you own any type of personal property you owe Personal Property Tax each year. This tax receipt is needed when you get license at the DMV. You have to provide a PAID Tax Receipt before they will issue your license.

If you would like to know where we pay your tax dollars to click the Community Link below.


* The Collector has the authority to sell any Real Estate property that is delinquent 2 years or more.
* The Tax Sale is always the 4th Monday of August each year.
* Info on the tax sale procedures are found in Chapter 140 RSMo.
* If a property is on the sale for the first time it is called a 1st Sale, if it did not sell and is on the sale again for the second time it is called a 2nd Sale. If it did not sell again and is on the tax sale again for a third time it is called a 3rd Sale. After a property has been through three sales and does not sell it becomes a Post 3rd Sale. At this time, the Collector has the authority to sell this property at any time. There is a listing in the office with these properties available.
** Always do your homework before purchasing a property at the tax sale!! **

Change your address

If your address is incorrect on your tax statement, please notify us. We make every effort to keep current addresses but if you don't let us know you moved we can't send your statement to the proper place. There is a place on the back of your statement to make the appropriate change. You can also call us or the Assessor's Office to make the change.
Not receiving your tax statement does not relieve you of paying late fees after December 31st.


* Check, Money Order, Cash, Credit/Debit card
If you pay by Credit/Debit there will be a 2.49% fee added to the total. You can call, come in or click the button below to use this method.
* You may send a check or money order through the mail. Make sure to have it postmarked by December 31st to avoid interest and late fees. If you mail on the 31st and put into a rural mailbox there is no guarantee that it will have the correct postmark. Please take to the Post Office and have them stamp it to make sure you will not be charged late fees.
* You can always come in to pay at the office. We are on the top floor in the North end of the building. There are signs up in November & December.
* We have a drop box that you can use. It is located on the North end of the building (next to the door that faces hwy 24). It is checked daily.


* If someone purchases a property at the tax sale that is a 1st Sale or a 2nd Sale, there is a one year period of redemption. This means that the original owner can come back and redeem this property. All money will be refunded to the purchaser after all proper procedures are followed.
* If someone purchases a property that is a 3rd Sale, there is a 90 day redemption period.
* If someone purchases a property that is a Post 3rd Sale, there is NO redemption period and a Collector's Deed is issued upon purchase.
** If you have any questions about the Tax Sale, call our office and we will try and explain more.