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My goal as Prosecuting Attorney is to keep Chariton County safe and allow our communities and rural areas to flourish and continue to be a great place to live. I am dedicated to working ethically and professionally toward this goal and to secure justice and a voice for victims of crime. I also strive to collect restitution for victims of crime, to help compensate their loss.


Chariton County is part of the Ninth Judicial Circuit. The Prosecutor's Office in Chariton County is a part-time position with a full time administrative assistant. The Office is responsible for prosecuting felonies, misdemeanors and moving violations that occur in Chariton County. Some cases are handled by city attorneys through municipal court. All County tickets and serious crimes are processed through our office. Our Office is located on the west side of the main level or the Chariton County Courthouse. Although our County has very low crime rates, our office receives a wide variety of cases including violent crimes, domestic violence, sex crimes, property crimes, traffic/DWI, drug related crimes, bad checks and child support. Child support cases are handled through Missouri Child Support Enforcement by long-time child support prosecutor, Rick Pierce, out of Cooper County. Our office actively encourages participation in the Chariton County Drug Court Program. Our office works in cooperation with community partners using effective strategies to keep Chariton County safe.


* Traffic tickets, restitution and questions: Melissa Richardson 660-288-3275 |

*Access My Tickets: Online Ticket Resolution Portal
* 9th Circuit Victim's Advocate: 660-375-5890 or 660-412-3290

* Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline: 800-392-3738
* Chariton County Sheriff: 660-288-3277

* 9th Circuit Juvenile Office: 660-288-3840

* Child Support Enforcement: 660-822-7577
* Casenet:
* Missouri Courts:

Services provided to crime victims:

As a victim in a criminal case, you have the right to be informed of the status of your case. For case information, please contact our office at 660-288-3275. You must keep the Prosecutor's Office informed of your most recent contact information. Our office provides the following services to victims of crime:
* Information about the criminal justice system
* Case information and notifications
* Services and court accompaniment of Victim's Advocate
* Availability of secure waiting room
* Courtroom orientation for children who need to testify in court
* Referrals to supportive services outside of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Often victims of crimes have their property damaged or stolen, or incur other expenses due to the crime, and are entitled to receive restitution. My office works hard to compensate those victims by making those who committed the crime pay. However, damages that are unreported can not be collected. For questions about restitution, please contact our office at 660-288-3275.

About Cliff:

Cliff received his Juris Doctor of Law from Western Michigan University and opened his private office in Chariton County in 2011. In addition to being part-time Chariton County Prosecutor, he also continues his private practice office in Salisbury. Cliff is a contract attorney for the Fourteenth Circuit Juvenile Office of Randolph and Howard Counties. He serves as a member of the Chariton County Drug Court Team and a court-appointed attorney for the Ninth Circuit of Chariton, Linn and Sullivan Counties. Cliff is currently the attorney for the City of Higbee and has previously served as city attorney for Clifton Hill and Keytesville. He currently serves as Special Prosecuting Attorney in Linn, Carroll and Randolph Counties as the need arises. Cliff was previously the contract attorney for the Ninth Circuit Juvenile Office, a member of the Randolph County Drug Court Team and president of the Ninth Circuit Bar Association. Cliff and his wife have two sons. He enjoys fishing, hunting with hounds, old machinery, cattle, messing around on the farm and reading.